Eurocolour – Pigments, Dyes and Fillers

EUROCOLOUR is the umbrella organization for manufacturers of pigments, dyes and fillers in Europe.


Stefan Sütterlin (BASF Colors & Effects GmbH)


Core substances: Pigments, dyes and fillers


Company members: AL-FARBEN, BASF Colors & Effects GmbH, Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co, Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Deutschland) GmbH, COLORES CERAMICOS DE TORTOSA S.A, Colores Ceramicos S.A., Colorobbia España, S.A., Coloronda S.L., Dane Color UK Ltd, DCC Maastricht B.V., Endeka Ceramics S.A., ESMALGLASS S.A.U., Esmaltes S.A., Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH, Ferro GmbH, FRITTA SL, Habich GmbH, Heubach GmbH, ITACA S.A.U, Kerafrit S.A., Lanxess, Merck KGaA, Sun Chemical Pigments International, Torrecid S.A., Union Colours Limited, Vernis S.A., VENATOR, VIDRES S.A.

Associations: ADECHIM (FR), ANFFECC (ES), Ceramicolor Federchimica (IT), TEGEWA (DE), VdMi (DE – Eurocolour secretary) ; ETAD (multinational association)


  • REACH: registration issues (substance identity, surface coated materials) and REACH implementation, evaluation and authorisation process
  • Nano/Nanomaterial: particle size distribution and measurement (JRC/Eurocolour project), nano definition, nano safety aspects, nano and REACH, nano product register, nanomaterials in food, cosmetics, etc., nanomaterial and downstream legislation
  • Food contact legislation: Plastics, Printing Inks, Ceramics, Coatings etc.
  • Food legislation: Food Colourants, Specifications
  • CLP implementation: e.g. CLP classification proposal for TiO2, analysing the impact on pigment/filler/pigment preparations, consequences for other pigments/fillers
  • Others: IED Directive, BREFS, toys directive and standardisation, etc.



Guidance document for the Registration of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments (CICPs)
Technical instructions on how to report substance identity information for CICPs in IUCLID 6
Statement on the publication „Literature study on the uses and risks of nanomaterials as pigments in the European Union“
Statement regarding Amendments to the REACH Annexes to address nanoforms of substances and impacts on the pigment and filler industry


Heike Liewald, Executive
Tel.: +49.69.2556.13.51