The European Green Deal

Opportunity-affording and challenging for our industry

The Green Deal was announced by the European Commission as one of its priorities and as a central action plan for EU climate policy. It contains a bundle of 47 individual measures that entail various legislative changes which will also have far-reaching and lasting consequences for the chemical industry. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) as one of these measures includes various actions posing huge challenges for the whole chemical industry.

Even though pigments, dyes, and fillers already significantly contribute to the performance and sustainability of products, many of the proposed actions raise concern within Eurocolour. To foster innovations, we need to take care to avoid “overregulation” and try to decrease burdens, especially for SMEs. Giving the EU’s industry a frame to allow long-term planning enables the innovations needed to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals.

Eurocolour’s intentions and key topics are subsumed in the Eurocolour Green Deal Flyer.

Please  find  all  our  positions and  guidance documents among the publications.

Eurocolour Webinar for Downstream Users

On 11th March 2022, Eurocolour organized a webinar for downstream users to give a first glace at important changes planned in the CLP and the REACH Regulation and discuss possible consequences.

The presentations slides shown during the webinar can be downloaded here Eurocolour Webinar for Downstream Users – slides

Have a view on the detailed programme of the webinar here Eurocolour Webinar for Downstream Users - program.